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From Energy Healer, Dean Burrell

I have resonated with healing energies since I was first introduced to Reiki in 2005. They have provided much healing for me personally and have helped me evolve on all levels especially since I was guided to develop Ancient Art of Healing (AAH). Dean


Ancient Art of Healing is a healing technique that was brought in to the world now because of all the shifts and changes that are happening at this time.

This is a form of healing that I have been specifically asked to bring into this world by God, the Universe, the Infinite Field of Possibilities or whatever term you feel comfortable with. It is a technique that is special for the world and the changes it is going thru at this time. It is very intuitive based and guides the entire healing session when the ego is set completely aside. AAH brings about surprising and sometimes seemingly magical transformation.


Angel Healing is a very effective way to heal, using the Archangels to begin the process naturally.

Together we will invite the Archangels in to help with your healing session. Those who are best suited to meet your specific healing needs will come and assist you to heal. I will be a channel for them to work through and they will use me as their vessel. If you feel guided, you may ask for a specific Archangel to come in as we can ask for more than one to assist. During this healing process you need only to lay and relax or if you wish, you can focus on health problems you wish to clear.


Spring Forest Qigong is a safe and natural way to heal. Developed by Master Chunyi Lin to help heal and create balance in your life.

Qigong is a very old form of meditation used to help one balance mind, body and spirit. Spring Forest Qigong or SFQ was developed specifically as a healing technique used for meditation and/or by a practitioner to assist others to heal. During a session, energy is channeled and directed to energy blockages to help remove those blockages. This “excess energy” is then cleared away and replaced with new, healing energy.


Reiki is the transfer of life force energy used naturally by your body to heal itself. This technique will help activate your own body’s healing abilities.

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to promote natural healing in the body, mind and spirit. It is the transfer of life force energy through the practitioner to the patient by laying the hands on areas with dis-ease. As this energy is transferred, your bodies own natural healing abilities are activated and assisted to help you heal.

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Angel Healing is one of Dean's Healing Modalities
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