Is an energy healing practitioner for you??

Energy Healing PractitionerI’m sure many people ask the question “is this what I am looking for”. But really, the only way to actually answer this is to try it for yourself. There are many alternative therapies available these days just like doctors, dentists and everything else.

As much of a hassle as it can be, shopping around to get what’s right for you is usually worth it. And quite often a therapy may take you so far and you might feel like you’ve outgrown it. Quite likely you have and would then benefit by trying something else.

Those who are sensitive to energies are usually more in tune and will automatically know when change is needed. And when you are in tune with your body and what it needs it will also become apparent when you need something else.

A person tends evolve as time goes by and quite often develop a better sense of what they are feeling and need. This period varies from person to person depending on the healing they require. It has been my personal habit to do some research on each one before I try it and “feel” whether it might work for me or not.

Ask around to see if those you know may have tried any of them. The bottom line I find is, experience it and then you will know for sure usually. And I don’t know of any practitioner that isn’t open to questions. These can all be helpful in the decision making process.

Always do what you feel is right for you. No practitioner worth their salt will be upset if you decide to try them and move on. They understand the need to get what’s best for you.

Personally, I have lost track or the number of therapies I have discovered, tried and then moved to something else. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with any of the therapies. It just simply means it was time for a change.

Sometimes availability can be a factor, especially if you’re like me and appreciate in person sessions.

The fact remains that I have benefitted from each of them to some extent and don’t regret the time and money spent. I have been sensitive to the energies since I was first introduced to Reiki so feel fortunate to be gifted with this ability.