So you think spirituality isn’t important?

… I am living proof it is.

Spirituality symbolSpirituality (not religion) has been one of the main focuses of my life for about the last 15 years. I have done much study on it and truly believe that to heal one’s spirit is to heal as a whole. All other ailments, be they mental, emotional or physical, stem from a lack of spirituality. If our connection to Source is weakened or broken whether by choice or not, we then begin to suffer and gradually break down on the other levels. It starts with the spirit but transfers to mental and emotional issues which in turn cause physical ailments of all kinds.

I am a prime example of all of this happening over the first half of my life. I was born a sickly child into a family that was classed as dysfunctional (very much a cop out term). My mom was a devoted Christian, my dad a Christian on the outside though ‘anything but’ on the inside or behind closed doors. Growing up was very painful and confusing as a result of all the mixed messages about religion, but also about life in general. My dad was very abusive and I could never figure out why all my prayers for help went unanswered.

My health became much worse as my lack of faith in “God” diminished. I had a lot of mental and emotional struggles, far too numerous for this blog, which grew worse as I got older. Physical problems began to manifest more and more and I was eventually unable to function, taking two years off work to get it together.

I have done much of my healing on my own. I went to a counsellor to deal with childhood issues, studied nutrition as it pertained to my own problems and tried many alternative therapies to help me heal. And my mother prayed for me twice a day every day. They all helped but in the end it was through regaining my own connection to Source that brought it all together to make it work.

If anyone had ever told me the things I have written here before I experienced them, I would have punched them in the face. Or at the very least told them they were full of you know what.

So if you think spirituality isn’t important, I strongly urge you to reconsider and at least give it a chance. I also strongly suggest that you find your own path as religion does very little for anyone. Stay tuned as that’s another story in itself.

Spirituality is important
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