All sessions include Ancient Art of Healing, as well as, some of the techniques from Spring Forest Quigong, and some from Reiki. Angel Healing can also be incorporated if you so choose. The energies I work with help with healing on all levels – spiritual, mental and emotional,  and physical. I have successfully worked with people with everything from cancer and dementia to broken bones, childhood trauma and relationship issues.

Appointments generally last about an hour but can vary according to what each person needs at the time.

Sessions can be arranged at the space in my home, or can be done as a distance session.

Sessions are $150.

Youth Sessions:
Appointments for those under 18 are $100 but are usually shorter according to their needs, size and age.

Parent or guardian must be present for those under the age of 18. No exceptions.

There is nothing special required, come as you are.

Payment can be done by e-transfer, Paypal or cash. E-transfers and Paypal payments must be done 48 hours in advance in order to hold a spot for you.

Cancellations must be done with at least 24 hours notice. You will be billed for any sessions cancelled without 24 hours notice.

Alternative Therapy Services including running energy using Ancient Art of Healing
Ancient Art of Healing. An alternative therapy to help spiritual, mental, emotional and physical realms.

Contact Dean for a healing session.

Dean also offers Ancient Art of Healing Workshops.


Hatha Yoga Classes:
A complete yoga class meant to balance the energies within our beings while building strength and expansion within the mind and body. A yoga class that will truly allow you to delve inward, freeing yourself of judgements, analysis or any external situations, while spending time with yourself, allowing the mind to quiet while discovering what is true within your physical body. All ages and levels welcome. 
Price: $20.00 per class

Meditation Classes:
Learn the fundamentals of a basic meditation practice or deepen an already established practice using techniques passed down to me from my great teachers and guru Swami Rama, under the Himalayan tradition. Steps and techniques to quiet the mind and allow for deeper silence and stillness, including pranayama’s (breathing exercises), mudras, mantras (chanting), concentration techniques and support in establishing a regular meditation practice to take home with you. 
Price: Donation

Yoga Therapy:
An individualized, wholistic approach using the principals of Ayurveda to discover imbalances within the mental, emotional and physical states of the body. We will perform an in-depth analysis on each client to identify their emotional and physical constitution and determine if or where an imbalance has occurred. We will then create a customized program using breathing techniques, yoga postures, mindfulness and meditation techniques to treat the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Each program will be specifically designed with the individual in mind to enable permanent healing within. 
Price: $100 Initial Assessment / $50.00 follow up visits.

Contact Mellisa.

Sacred Geometry: Star of David represented in stained glass church window.
Sacred Geometry: Star of David represented in stained glass church window.