Dean’s Gifts of Energy Healing are like No Other

Dean’s gifts of energy healing are like no other.

I remember the first time he offered to flow energy to me, we sat with his hands on my shoulders for about ten minutes to flow and once he removed his hands I could still physically feel his hands placed on my shoulders for about fifteen minutes after. I had never experienced a feeling like it before, and this was the first time I realized the amazing gifts Dean has. Since then we have been getting together for weekly healing sessions.

Our sessions are the highlight of my week, as each time I am left feeling deeply relaxed, recharged and filled with love. Dean’s ability to tap into whatever my mind, body or spirit need that day, while using cosmic energy flow and guidance from above to unblock and activate a natural healing process within myself has helped enable me to maintain a strong, healthy body and mind. The loving advice and guidance that Dean passes on during sessions have been extremely helpful in allowing for continued healing within myself after our sessions end.

Since working with Dean I have also discovered a heightened awareness in my intuition and to energies within and around me. Dean has been instrumental in helping me expand my awareness, he has enabled me to work with energy to heal and transform my life into one of ease, health and peace of mind. I would highly recommend Dean to anyone who is seeking out alternate energy healing methods.