Very Experienced and Powerful Healer

I’ve known and worked with Dean for approximately 9 years. He is a very experienced and powerful healer. He deals in the past, present and future lives of his clients. With the assistance of The Archangels, The Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides he has been gifted with travelling between realms and alternate Universes healing you… continue reading “Very Experienced and Powerful Healer”

Faye Bernhardt, Reiki Master, Regina, SK

The Moment I Walked through the Door…

I could feel his amazing energy fill the room. You can’t help feel drawn to him. He will greet you with a warm smile and accepting embrace I’ve had cranial sacral treatments, Reiki treatments by several people, and other amazing energy work done for me in the past. However, nothing could have prepared me for… continue reading “The Moment I Walked through the Door…”

Glenford Arseneau, Calgary, AB

Dedication to healing

I’ve known Dean for almost 10 years and have observed during that time his dedication to healing and to energy work. His natural talent continues to become more profound. Recently Dean did a long distance healing for me, which was most exceptional. During an emotionally tiring and stressful time, his healing work grounded me, which… continue reading “Dedication to healing”

Shawn, Penticton, BC

Awakened my Higher Self

Dean has helped me understand and awaken my higher self.

Tara McClean, Calgary, Alberta

Yoga for the Mind, Heart and Soul

It’s hard to find the right words to describe my experience with Mellisa, only because the feeling you have during and after the session are unexplainable. Mellisa’s yoga sessions are for those who need a spiritual experience. I truly appreciate the moments I have in Mellisa’s classes. Some sessions bring me to tears only because… continue reading “Yoga for the Mind, Heart and Soul”

Jessica, Calgary, AB

Dean’s Gifts of Energy Healing are like No Other

Dean’s gifts of energy healing are like no other. I remember the first time he offered to flow energy to me, we sat with his hands on my shoulders for about ten minutes to flow and once he removed his hands I could still physically feel his hands placed on my shoulders for about fifteen… continue reading “Dean’s Gifts of Energy Healing are like No Other”

Mellisa, Calgary, AB

Dean is a Tranquil Healer with a Kind and Patient ear

Dean is a tranquil healer with a kind and patient ear; when he runs energy for me it helps to calm my mind and settle my thoughts: the session is that much more healing and progressive because of those qualities. I have found that the energy work that he does for me breaks apart my… continue reading “Dean is a Tranquil Healer with a Kind and Patient ear”

Margaret, Calgary, AB